Charlotte Parks-Taylor

Co-Owner & CSO , Cream

As one of the youngest female agency owners in the UK, Charlotte has achieved a lot in a short space of time.  Following an MBO with business partner Neil Cunningham in 2019, Charlotte's leadership as CSO has underpinned Cream's continued growth and service development.  As the brains behind Cream Consulting, Charlotte has consistently reimagined and reinvigorated audience strategy for global brands with myriad marketing outputs. The work she has led for Tinder, Unilever's Elida unit, Bolt, Seiko and Kantar has forged a vital point of focus for her client partners across all aspects of marketing and business growth.  The unique balance of Charlotte's creative and media training, and her inherent planning discipline has made Charlotte a much sought after advisor to some of the biggest businesses in the world who need fast, incisive, and creative thinking to power their growth. Where brands are looking for integrated, neutral, audience focused strategy, Charlotte is often first on the list.  Charlotte's passion for mentoring and supporting other female leaders has been a significant driver in the success of Cream Catalyst, Cream's pro-bono service that dedicates time to projects and individuals with a clear social purpose.