Emma Ellis

Managing Director, London , Interbrand

As Managing Director of Interbrand in London my role is to represent the very best of our business, drive our growth and inspire the culture for our people. Interbrand's purpose is to boldly create the next generation of icons for all – a progressive and inclusive approach to branding that I am proud to be a part of spearheading in London. I speak on the topic of Brands as Acts of Leadership, for brands to succeed they need to combine both exceptional experiences with meaningful action on the most critical issues of our times.  With a focus on ensuring our culture is inclusive for all and creating the right relationships with our clients, my energy is dedicated to keep our teams making iconic work that drives the growth of the brands we work with. Throughout my studies I had a burning desire to effectively structure business for growth, how different cultures and management styles affect performance, which led to my interest in branding. I am constantly looking at how we can drive growth through better collaboration, iconic work, and creating a more inclusive culture for all.