Amelia Waddington


Amelia is Captify’s SVP of Product, leading 57 employees across global product, technology and insights teams. She has impressive technical expertise—with 10+ years product experience and a Computational Neuroscience PhD from Leeds University. 

Her vision is to transform Captify’s Search Intelligence—unlocking competitive advantage for clients and partners in a way that’s omnichannel, strategic, open and future-proof.

Creativity & Innovation

Amelia has transformed Captify from a managed service to a platform, programmatic-first business. In 2022, she developed and launched game-changing tech initiatives—driving innovation for Captify’s clients and across the wider industry:

  • Cookieless targeting: led the team that conceived, designed, tested and launched Captify’s cookieless solution—Search-Powered Contextual—enabling Captify to have a solution live with hundreds of clients two years before Google’s deadline
  • Cookieless platform integrations: with PubMatic, Xandr and OpenX—bringing advanced contextual targeting to advertisers within their DSP of choice
  • Search-Powered Contextual (SPC) for TV: researched Captify’s first cookieless TV targeting solution with British broadcaster, ITV, and launched with IRIS.TV. This matches ads with relevant audiences based on the shows & films they’re watching—empowering advertisers to leverage rich behavioural data to reach qualified audiences in the most lean-in environment
  • API integrations: launched a new business model where agencies can directly access the capabilities of Captify’s award-winning platform, Sense, via their in-house platforms—maximising technology investments

Achievements, Success & Reach

Cookieless solutions:

  • 9.9 billion cookieless impressions since April ‘22
  • ○ 44% better performance vs standard contextual
  • ○ 25% better performance vs Captify’s cookie-based solution

SPC for TV:
  • 3.9x higher scale, 1% higher VCR vs cookie-based targeting