Amy Zwirn


To be influential is to have great influence on someone or something.

Influencing someone: Amy is regularly referred to, not only externally, but also internally as an exceptional role model to many within the influencer marketing industry. She is someone who focuses on putting her team's progression first and we have seen many new young leaders start to grow, through Amy's mentorship in the business. We have seen members of her team becoming champions in key areas of our business, from Waves (our Technology) to Creator Negotiation - all under Amy's leadership. Influencing something: For the last 4 consecutive quarters, Amy has smashed agency records at Influencer, through influencing her clients to, despite the economic downturn in global ad spend, continue their investment into influencer marketing - and grow it. She has seen relationships grow from scratch (VaynerMedia) to multi 6 figure deals, relationships recover from what we assumed to be paused (Havas) to multi-6-figure deals and relationships break record numbers (WPP) to multi-7-figure deals. We’re delighted to have watched Amy’s growth over the last year, and she has become a true leader in the agency business at Influencer. - Ben Jeffries, CEO