Anne Coghlan


COO and Co-Founder

Anne Coghlan’s influence and innovations will be permanently woven into the fabric of digital advertising.

At AppNexus, she played a central role in developing the custom algorithms at the heart of most digital campaigns, scaling one of advertising’s most impactful innovations – programmatic. Now, the work she is doing at Scope3 is poised to drive systemic decarbonisation, make online advertising more responsible, efficient and effective, and ensure the net-zero future of the industry. Driven by her belief that digital advertising could become the first industry to reach net zero, becoming a beacon for all other sectors to follow, Anne’s time is split between helping the engineering team ensure Scope3’s emissions measurement model is robust and scientifically sound, and collaborating with industry stakeholders to understand their needs. Anne is enabling the ecosystem to understand where emissions exist, where there is waste and how to improve the efficiency of digital advertising while reducing its carbon emissions. An invaluable voice in the industry, Anne presented on carbon emissions at the European Commission’s future of the advertising industry workshop in 2022, helping regulators understand the origins and magnitude of the problem and the opportunity that lies ahead. She is also an avid mentor for women in the industry, fully committed to championing the talented women who stand to shape the industry. She was named as one of the ‘Top Women in Media and Ad Tech’ and listed as a 40 Under 40 honouree in 2023.