Avelon Thompson

EssenceMediacom UK

Head of DEI

Avelon Thompson offers support for countless individuals while shaping EssenceMediacom as an environment where people can truly feel they belong. Her understanding of the complex intersectionality that helps to define health and wellbeing in an organisation means that EssenceMediacom has a culture where people are supported at critical life stages, and where support is offered to everyone, with equitable programmes put in place as appropriate, and an overall sense of allyship achieved by training the whole agency on key issues.

Avelon was instrumental in the launch of EssenceMediacom’s Mental Health Ally scheme, an initiative so successful it is has now expanded in all directions: globally throughout the EssenceMediacom network in 47 markets; and also widely throughout WPP companies in the UK. She also implemented menopause coaching and training to ensure that the agency supports and therefore does not lose our valuable talent at this critical life stage. Under Avelon’s leadership the agency has introduced a development programme for black and brown colleagues, Safe Spaces and Safe Space Allies to make sure everyone feels safe and supported, and the Unmind app (available to everyone at the agency) including new features to give greater mental health support. Avelon’s work has had a major impact. The success of her initiative can be measured by survey results which show the agency’s people feel respected and that they belong, and that they have a strong sense that the agency is committed to creating a supportive culture.