Becky Ferraro

Deloitte Digital

Inclusive Design Lead

Inspired by her mother's daily challenges with multiple sclerosis, Becky Ferraro transformed her passion for inclusive design into ground-breaking initiatives at Deloitte. Establishing the Inclusive Design and Accessibility team, Becky's leadership has propelled the integration of inclusive design and accessibility into client projects, fostering education on its importance.

Recognising the need for diverse perspectives, Becky's team introduced specialist roles, like the accessibility specialist championing the screen reader experience and the inclusive design specialist promoting diverse perspectives. Through innovative projects, including COVID testing for the visually impaired, the team debunked the misconception that inclusive design limits creativity. Becky played a pivotal role in the 'For problem people' talent acquisition campaign for Deloitte Digital, positioning herself as the face of inclusive design, achieving significant social media reach and engagement. Her team's influence within Deloitte is evident in the commitment to 'The Valuable 500 Movement', collaborating with the workability network and advising Deloitte's software and hardware teams on assistive technologies. As co-chair of the BIMA Inclusive Design Council, Becky amplifies her impact, improving and educating on inclusive design in the digital industry. She connects practitioners globally, using UK initiatives as a catalyst for global inclusivity efforts. Becky's holistic approach emphasises that inclusivity is not just about compliance but about people, challenging norms, and embracing diverse perspectives for truly inclusive products and services.