Charlotte Gentry

Pure Communications Group

Charlotte is a sole events agency owner, and despite having her first child at 45 during the pandemic she managed to drive, inspire and energise her team and the industry during Covid and in 2022. She has not just survived this torrid time, but her business has bounced back to have a record breaking year in 2022.

Charlotte is one of the 'Power 50' in the events industry, and showed her thought leadership skills by becoming a broadcaster as a result of the pandemic to adapt and evolve to the market conditions. Her content has inspired the industry as a whole, and she shows exceptional leadership by leading the industry in how to evolve and adapt through creative content. She has illustrated how a business can diversify and adapt from being an events logistics business to being a highly creative and content led agency. Charlotte's leadership skills appointed her to be Chair of EVCOM, and to be on the action board of One Industry One Voice. She continues to drive change, evolve her business and support her staff. She drives diversity, inclusion and wellbeing; one of her team has been diagnosed with cancer and Charlotte has paid for her private treatment to enable her fast recovery. She recently launched another business (The IVF Network) designed to help people going through IVF. She brings the top fertility specialists together to deliver crucial knowledge; people can share their experiences and journey through her community which now gains 500 new members a month.