Charlotte Key


People Experience Director

As Smyle's People Experience Director, Charlotte Key has been pivotal in transforming the agency’s approach to health and wellbeing over her seven-year tenure. For three consecutive years, her initiatives earned Smyle accolades from the Inclusive Workplace Programme and Campaign Best Places to Work.

Charlotte’s strategy focused on embedding a culture of inclusivity and engagement, which is vital for employee wellbeing and agency success. Alongside her fantastic team, she redefined Smyle's talent strategy to ensure diversity and inclusivity in recruitment and onboarding, aligning the workforce with a diverse client base. Under her guidance, Smyle embraced cultural diversity as a key value, working collaboratively to create 'The Collective' DEI committee and support groups like 'Women of Smyle', fostering a community of shared interests and diverse perspectives. Her approach to employee engagement prioritised empowerment and open communication. The Smyle Forum, a platform for dialogue and idea exchange, has been crucial in this respect. Charlotte also emphasised the importance of work-life balance, introducing post-COVID-19 mental health initiatives. The success of her initiatives and her hardworking team is reflected in the positive feedback from over 85% of employees feeling supported by their managers and in policies like 'When Life Happens' and flexible working arrangements that have significantly improved employee wellbeing and productivity. Charlotte’s influence extends beyond Smyle, as seen in her mentoring roles and mental health advocacy, demonstrating her commitment to creating a healthier, more inclusive workplace and community.