Claire Hollands

MullenLowe UK


From the moment she changed her email signature from MD to CEO, Claire’s been both effective and influential across the agency, and our industry, in 2023.

Her laser focus is ‘Creativity we are all proud of.’ And to achieve this, she used her change management superpower to bring together all of the UK Group companies under one brand: MullenLowe. And all in an astonishing three months. Immediately after this, she landed a wholesale UK rebrand and new positioning from MullenLowe Global. Back out with the superpower, and the new look MullenLowe was seamlessly transitioned. In just six months, she has spearheaded £3.2m of new business wins, evidencing success of both the new way of working together and the new branding. In the wider industry, Claire supports the Creative Mentor Network, helping people from lower social economic groups into the creative industries, the agency’s ‘Spark’ work experience programme and ‘The Ship’ apprenticeship scheme which resulted in three hires in 2023. She has also encouraged and grown our campaign against ageism, ‘This is What Over 50 Looks Like’ which continues to play a positive role in the advancement and reputation of our industry. We are also officially the first UK agency to be accredited by ‘Bloody Good Employers’, supporting people who are menstruating at work. Looking at what Claire’s achieved in the last 12 months we can’t wait to see, and be part of, what’s next.