Claire McAlpine

EssenceMediacom UK

Head of Inclusive Planning

Claire is a visionary leader dedicated to ushering in pioneering a new era of inclusive media. With a strong commitment to systemic change, she champions Inclusive Media Planning and Buying, anchored in the principle of "nothing about us without us." Claire's unwavering dedication has led to industry-wide recognition, including the Most Successful Business Transformation in Inclusive Planning award from MEFA, Campaign Media award nominations for best product innovation and best team for Inclusive Planning Network, and inclusion on the IPA iList.

Claire's trailblazing leadership introduced Inclusive Planning as a cornerstone strategy for all client campaigns, reshaping the media landscape. Her 15-year track record demonstrates her proficiency in fostering positive social impact among underrepresented audiences. Through the Inclusive Planning Network, Claire identifies and addresses bias in client work, centering around lived experiences of marginalised identities. The network, now comprising 35 leads and 180+ allies, elevates voices from underrepresented groups, leading to innovative campaigns like Tesco's Eid campaign, Google's Women's Football campaign, and Mars' maternal mental health campaign, and many more. All with outstanding results. Claire drives significant change beyond campaigns, fuelling significant increases in DEI media spend. Her impact extends from EssenceMediacom to driving industry-level change, reshaping the future of inclusive media planning and buying. She invites the industry to join this transformative journey, including published thought leadership such as global DEI guidelines and as a respected voice amongst thought leadership conferences with industry partners. Claire is committed to propelling progress and innovation, ensuring a more inclusive media landscape for all.