Davina Barker

Digital Cinema Media

Sales Director

Davina is an ambitious, trailblazing visionary who has transformed both the fates of cinema and DCM combining strong leadership with a bold, brave and agile approach to balancing commercial acumen with the required empathy to build a passionate, diverse and inclusive team. She has taken a sledge hammer to the perceived glass ceiling and risen through the industry to redefine the face of success for women from diverse backgrounds.

Winner in the inaugural Media For All Awards in the ‘Hammer’ category, she is recognised for making remarkable strides in incorporating D, E & I across her business. She was also named in The Media Leader’s 2022 Future 100 Club as well as being shortlisted as part of the Advertising Week ‘Future is Female Awards’ - recognising women who are defining the future of the marketing and creative industry at all levels, ages, job titles and backgrounds. Empathetic, inspiring and always approachable, Davina passionately champions others, leading the way in helping to make the industry accessible to everyone through thought provoking leadership, breaking down barriers and eliminating lingering stigmas to entry. Her initiatives and strategies, integrity and trust has inspired future generations and led to a significant shift in both the recruitment process and the way that the industry identifies and nurtures talent. The time that she gifts to others is humbling and her contribution to this industry as a mentor is incomparable.