Emily Rule

Wunderman Thompson UK

When it comes to setting the strategic standard for Wunderman Thompson, Emily Rule(s) the roost. Since joining the agency she’s taken on responsibility for guiding one of the UK’s largest integrated planning departments and is the strategic lead for WT’s global HSBC account, one of the agency’s most awarded clients for creativity.

Emily has driven HSBC’s purpose-driven No Fixed Address offering to the next level through their Safe Spaces campaign, pushing new opportunities for the bank to offer a service unique among their competitors, and communicating in a way that not only reaches those who need help but also gets the nation talking about the link between domestic and financial abuse. How? Through a disruptive integrated campaign that translate a single message into omnichannel bespoke messages to reach as many people in as accessible a way as possible. The result? Real-life impact for those breaking free from financial abuse, a greater awareness of what financial abuse looks like, and a massive perception boost for HSBC UK as a bank who really cares. Emily is of the firm belief that creativity has the power to make the world better and, if it doesn’t, then your ideas aren’t brave enough. It’s a happy consequence that bold creative drives business growth, and she prides herself on championing disruptive ideas and empowering every planner at WT to do the same, driving creative excellence across the planning department and leading our clients to comment on the strength of WT’s strategic capability.