Erica Beer


Global Strategy Director

Since joining Mindshare as a Biddable Account Executive in 2019, I have supercharged my way through four promotions across two FTSE 100 client accounts within one of the world’s largest media agencies, ultimately becoming the Global Strategy Director that I am today.

I am proud to embody Mindshare’s three core values: Energy, Empathy, and Impact. From the outset of my career, I have remained intrigued by paid social’s impact in the B2B space. Recognising how historically B2B has largely been overlooked within creative media, compared to B2C brands, I became driven to demonstrate its value in social and other channels. To highlight a few of my proudest achievements in going against the grain of ‘traditional’ paid social: I spearheaded TikTok’s award-winning first B2B campaign with Sage in 2021, I launched Sage’s award nominated Six Nations Partnership with TikTok in February 2023, and was selected as one of Meta’s twenty ‘Women in Tech Rising Stars’ in the UK, in November 2022. I bring energy into all aspects of life and am driven to never feel ‘too comfortable’. When I sense my impact begins to level out, I chase my next challenge. Earlier this year, I successfully raised £2,256 for Parkinson’s UK – a charity close to my family – by running the London Marathon. My ascent has been filled with such relentless energy, strategic empathy, and impactful achievements so far, that I eagerly await the advertising excellence of my future team and I on this journey that has only just begun.