Gaby Kirk and Bridie Scriven

Digital Cinema Media

Creative and Production Lead

Together Bridie and Gaby are the female powerhouse behind DCM Studios, DCM’s creative arm focusing on the bespoke content, partnerships and experiences that elevate brands beyond traditional cinema advertising. Bridie is an award-winning creative producer who has worked across creative campaigns for agencies for over 12 years before jumping the red seats and grabbing her popcorn to enter the media world. As the only ex-creative side person in the agency, she brings a unique and interesting approach to creativity and production, inspiring the team to think beyond their usual scope of vision. Gaby has eight years experience in marketing, and she quickly developed a strong understanding of creating distinct creative solutions. Her skillset lies in the film and music industries and she always strives to extend beyond the standard screentime buy.

Both women are catalysts in removing barriers to creativity and both enhance the creative performance of others - which is a rare commodity and one that is not overlooked. Every team strives to turn a creative spark into an inferno and quite often the right players in the team are the secret ingredients to take an idea from good to extraordinary - Gaby and Bridie are the ‘secret sauce’ that has seen our revenue grow by 90%, client numbers soar by 49% and campaigns increase by 187%. By bringing fresh perspectives and stimulating internal creativity through clever strategies and exercises, Gaby and Bridie have kindled the team’s creative spark and fuelled a brilliant blaze of innovation for DCM Studios.