Hannah Winterbourne

Kraft Heinz

Senior Heinz Comms & Brand Build Manager

If anyone knows the recipe for an award-winning marketing campaign, it’s Hannah Winterbourne. A Senior Brand Manager for Heinz, one of the world’s largest food brands, Hannah collaborates with a team of 190+ creatives across 50+ markets, channelling the irrational love people have for Heinz into tangible, insight-led creative that forges meaningful moments of connection between the brand and its loyal set of fans.

Unafraid to challenge the status quo, Hannah is driving a mindset shift across the business, helping to put Heinz at the centre of popular culture and driving commercial growth in the process. In 2023 alone, the brand saw an uplift of +10 percentage point for brand love. A Young Cannes Lions finalist, Hannah lives our company purpose, ‘Make Life Delicious’, every day through the passion, creativity and energy she brings to her team, in her role as a community leader for global Heinz brand-builders and as a client for several creative agencies. It’s Hannah’s ability to bring people together that makes her a true inspiration, which paid off with the seamless launch of Heinz’s first-ever global brand platform: ‘It Has to be Heinz’. A campaign founded on the insight that people will go to extreme lengths to get their hands on Heinz. And for Hannah, the feeling is mutual – she’ll stop at nothing to ensure Heinz continues to return that love, going to irrational lengths to ensure Heinz fans feel seen. For that reason, it simply ‘Has to be HANNAH’.