Helen Jones


After a successful career in advertising, Helen took a big pay cut to set up an industry leading, in-house agency at Shelter. Since then, she has consistently championed in-house teams, and purpose led creative, leading many talks and debates on the subjects. When she joined Shelter, there was a very low 40% satisfaction rate in the existing creative team's work. She worked hard to develop the team's creative skills, confidence and processes and within a year, the satisfaction in creativity had jumped to nearly 90% . Over the following few years, Helen has continued to develop the team's creative skills, and puts their mental wellbeing at the heart of how they work. Better creative work has led to increased internal demand, so the team have grown from 3 to 14. They are now an award winning, industry leading and most importantly, happy in-house agency. They have helped deliver an an award winning rebrand for Shelter and some incredible work that has raised millions of pounds and changed many laws and lives along the way. In a recent pitch against leading ad agencies, the in-house team won unanimously. Proof that the Shelter in-house team is as good as, and even better than any agency and proof of how much Helen has helped the team grow in talent and confidence. And to top it all off, her team have just won In-House Agency of the year at the Inside Out awards.