Josie Ung


People are at the heart of every solution we create at Mindshare. But people are complex, and we all define ourselves in different ways. Our media strategies must embrace that nuance, but also seek to find common ground – telling stories that transcend difference, even when drawn from or celebrating a particular culture.

Through her leadership of the Inclusive Audiences programme, Josie has been central to addressing this challenge. She has improved our understanding of under-represented audience groups across the agency, influencing both specific briefs, and broader comms decision-making. Josie works closely with the Diversity Standards Collective (DSC), a partner agency that specialises in the understanding of diverse groups. She also has responsibility for creating bespoke research into these audiences, a task which requires sensitivity and nuance, empathetically addressing different cultures and communities. A highlight of this is All Together Now - a deep dive research study exploring the lives of Black heritage, East Asian heritage, South Asian heritage, LGBTQIA+ community, low-income households, and those living with a disability. Using a mixed methodology approach, the study explored themes including changing life in post-pandemic Britain, the role of community, the cost-of-living crisis, and inclusivity in advertising. Results were shared at our first in-person client event in two years. Josie has then continued to work with the DSC, answering a wide selection of client briefs. This has resulted in multiple community workshops with 1,000+ people, exploring how brands can unlock future brand growth across different communities.