Kamila Jania


Kamila Jania has been a UX designer for eight years. She is focused on accessibility, creating user-centric and meaningful experiences. She has been UX Design Manager at SmartBear, a leading provider of software development and visibility tools, for more than a year.

There are few UX internship opportunities offered in Poland. Postgraduate studies in UX rarely allow students to work on real business cases with real stakeholders and end users. At SmartBear, the design team was growing and in need of hiring designers. Kamila saw an opportunity for SmartBear to mentor students to fit the company’s culture while fulfilling the need to add new UX designers to the team. Kamila teamed up with our talent acquisition team to create an internship program at SmartBear. From over 200 applications, Kamila selected four postgraduate women to participate in SmartBear’s first-ever UX Design Internship Program. In addition, she identified a project that would provide a unique learning opportunity for the interns, who also solved an important business need. From June to August, Kamila mentored the interns, monitoring project process and helping them to work with stakeholders and end users as well as understand the business goals and the domain. After completing their 3-month internship and thoughtful mentoring from Kamila, all four are now successfully working at SmartBear as full-time Associate UX Designers.