Kamiqua Lake



Kamiqua Lake (Kam) is the epitome of an entrepreneur – principled, visionary, and not afraid to create the space she wants to occupy. Leaving the corporate world to start Coldr in 2020 was a calculated risk. Winning first client Oliver Bonas on Day 1, the consultancy embodies Kam’s values by helping clients create strategic approaches that make the world more inclusive. When economic circumstances made cashflow precarious in early 2023 (Coldr works on projects, not retainers and clients were becoming much more short-term in their planning) Kam modelled investing in relationships with clients and prospects at all levels, effort which resulted in eBay’s first cultural moment as Notting Hill Carnival partner. Despite the threat, revenue was up 202% in 12 months. In 2023 Kam reshaped her approach to the Coldr team, hiring more senior people to create time and space for her other commitments. There are many: a second company – Black Comms Network – connects, platforms, and supports Black comms professionals. Under this banner Kam solidified a partnership with The Independent for Black History Month for the second time in 2023, securing £120,000 of free advertising for Black-owned businesses. Always developing herself, Kam is the youngest volunteer board member for the RNIB – a role she applied for because it’s another under-represented voice, but a space where she also felt she would learn as she doesn’t have lived experience of visual impairment. A role model. A strategic leader. A creative decision-maker. What better example of an entrepreneur be?