Lauren Cooney


Senior Trading Manager

Lauren Cooney is a 26 year old Senior Trading Manager with Manchester-based Skyrise, the audience design and targeting platform.

Having joined as a Trading Assistant in 2019 Lauren has risen to her current position, and is now responsible for training and onboarding executive team members in Trading. She leads the team on some of the companies largest campaigns and accounts, with a renowned specialist knowledge recognised across the industry in campaigns which lead on programmatic Digital Out of Home (prDOOH). Whilst it would be a reasonable expectation for Lauren to win a rising award for professional achievement alone, it is away from her day job that Lauren deserves true recognition. She has become a champion of diversity and inclusion, with a particular focus in ensuring young women without privilege in the North have equal opportunities in the advertising industry. She was a driving force in Brixton Finishing School developing its first project outside London, is a mentor to young people from her old college and helped launch the Woman in Programmatic in the North.