Lauren Kay-Lambert

Shape History

Co-Managing Director

Shape History, the social impact communications agency, operates as more than a service provider, embodying a commitment to social impact at its core. As a majority women and LGBTI+ owned independent agency, we come up with ideas to create a fairer world, faster.

Following a successful management buyout in 2022, our Co-Managing Director, Lauren Kay-Lambert, has spearheaded a transformative journey with a clear vision: to put people first. Lauren has led efforts to ensure that our team and our culture are guiding lights in everything we do, putting an emphasis on working with team members to unfold their individual and unique potential. This work has involved: 1. committing Shape History to becoming a fully anti-racist organisation 2. offering comprehensive support and adaptation for individuals with additional needs – such as those who are neurodivergent or those with medical issues 3. setting a science-based environmental strategy to support climate justice 4. consistently evaluating diversity and inclusion blind spots to improve team happiness and make recruitment processes fairer and more effective. As the beating heart of all of this, she has created internal steering groups to put those with lived experience and interest at the centre of decision-making. Across her work, Lauren leads with true compassion, inspiring the team to show up authentically, be guided with empathy, and champion one another. Her efforts have fundamentally reshaped the very fabric of our company, creating a fairer, more inclusive, and equitable workplace.