Lisa Thompson

Wavemaker North

Business Director- Strategy Lead

Lisa is a truly worthy candidate for the Diverse-Inclusive Workplace award.

With her proven track record in driving change both in Wavemaker and the broader advertising industry, she has pioneered in getting class on the agenda. Having found her passion for championing diversity when completing her IPA Excellence Diploma, her essay ‘Killing the Elephant in the Diversity Room – Social Class’ went on to win the John Bartle prize. The essay was a watershed moment for the industry’s diversity conversation, marking the first time social mobility was ever discussed at large, inspiring many agencies and individuals to act. Understanding that class is just one facet of diversity, she recognizes the significance of intersectionality for the greater equality good. This year, she took up the role of President of Bloom North, creating a strategy and programmes to level up women. She has instigated for all events to be DICE-certified, ensuring that the voices of all are heard. Lisa played a crucial role in the development of Thrive, Wavemaker’s entry-level programme designed to open the industry to a more diverse group of young people. She works tirelessly towards driving change and is an inspiration to us all. She motivates all that she meets to use their voice and fight for their beliefs. Her efforts have resulted in her being bestowed with an IPA Fellowship on the 2023 Summer Honours List for being instrumental in driving the industry forward- an impressive feat at just 34 years old. The ad industry needs more Lisas!