Magda Domagała


Experience Strategist

On joining production & innovation studio UNIT9 in January 2022, Magda jumped headfirst into the world of immersive tech with zero experience - aside from a genuine obsession with anything to do with the future. She now works at the intersection of people, culture and technology as a much-valued Experience Strategist on the Experience Design team. In the past two years alone, Magda has proven to be a hugely influential part of the company. She’s been foundational to the conception, planning and validation of a new UNIT9 research offering; been promoted and won internal company awards; led company-wide knowledge sharing sessions and written key client-facing collateral demystifying the latest technologies; played a vital role in developing UNIT9’s immersive tech offering thanks to her integral position within a new Metaverse-focussed division; had insightful articles on technology published in industry media; and advocated for inclusivity, both within her client work and in her writing.

Working with high profile brands including Meta and Adidas, Magda has helped clients understand how to build long-lasting, meaningful and impactful connections with their audiences through technology. With so much achieved in her first two years within the tech industry, we can’t wait to see what huge things Magda will do next.