Marine Rabeau



Marine continually pushes boundaries to make media a growth driver for brands. She led her team in guideline development that enabled Essity to maximise visibility in an inflationary marketplace, put consumer intent at the heart of their plans, and create seamless omnichannel consumer experiences. She led a global two-day workshop with 180+ participants to introduce/deploy these guidelines–70% of local marketing teams said they’d approach 2023 planning differently as a result. They are a critical pillar in the annual planning process. Their application is reviewed to ensure local media plans leverage learnings and best practices to deliver media sufficiency and meet KPIs. Marine is highly regarded by her team, evidenced by the very strong client satisfaction scores her team consistently receives (NPS 8.5/10, 12% above norm). Culture Marine proactively developed and led a programme to generate greater integration across teams and capabilities at Zenith. 1) Created a game-changing ‘New Joiner’ programme: -Onboarding checklists for managers to have a unified plan -Agency introduction session led by management -Coffee connects with the Global MD -Allocation of a ‘buddy’ support system 2) Resigned office to fix it’s “clinical” look -Her design encourages collaboration and creativity -Funky, cosy, “heads-together” areas: gaming stations, living wall, library-den nook, etc. 3) Established a social activity calendar -Encourage interaction outside of typical pub settings -Activities (drumming workshops, volunteering, Zenith summer Olympics) evoke cohesiveness, fun, and foster inclusivity o92% (+18%) would recommend Zenith Global as a great place to work oHappiness index rose +22% to 7.2: an all-time high