Meg Ledger

Open Media

Truly well-rounded people – who excel at their job and make the world a better place for everyone around them – are very hard to find.

That’s why it feels so special to work with Meg Ledger. Meg combines the best of what it means to Rise to the Top in media. She delivers excellent results (-8.7%: the tiniest drop in revenue during the pandemic; and brilliant growth post-pandemic: +105% for the company), has enormously high standards for herself and brings all the rest of us along with her. She is known throughout our sector for her creativity and innovation to deliver the impossible. She created advertising sites out of thin air for Nike on the Liverpool Parade Day (turned around in just three days) – and for the Women’s Euros Hotel Football banner. Most of us are fortunate to have colleagues we like, but it’s less common to find yourself liking and respecting your co-workers. In Meg, we have a Business Director who provides incredible customer service that has our clients coming back time and time again. But we also have a friend; someone who’ll commiserate, support, cheerlead and include all of us. I know we’re all smarter for having her in such an influential role at OPEN Media. But it’s not just that she helps us up our game: she also brings the compassion and empathy that a modern media leader needs. -Susi Castle, Head of Marketing at OPEN Media