Natalie Carder


Head of Paid Social, Global Clients

Natalie, a global team manager of over 100 social specialists, emphasizes leveraging data and technology to provide measurable value for clients. Identifying a competitive advantage in the agency's substantial media investment, Natalie sought to unlock its potential by addressing siloed operations and limited data analysis capacity. Completing a 15-month Data Fellowship, she elevated analytics agency-wide and aligned with Zenith's values.

In 2022, Natalie led a ground-breaking meta-analysis on Facebook and Instagram within Publicis Groupe, presenting actionable insights after months of effort. Seeking a faster approach, she conceived Meta Insights Automation (Mia), a tool utilizing Publicis' partnership with Meta. Mia, developed with Publicis Sapient, employs advanced analytics and AI to provide on-demand insights, optimizing campaigns for enhanced performance. Mia's success lies in its ability to deliver tailored insights at an industrial scale, facilitating data-led planning and optimization for enhanced campaign performance. After training 90 pilot users, Mia demonstrated impressive results, such as significant CPM savings for a CPG advertiser and a reduction in cost-per-lead for a B2B advertiser. Natalie spearheads the scaling of Mia, with hundreds of active users in the UK and plans to engage 272 global priority brands, representing a significant portion of the agency's Meta investment.