Natalie Furness

RevOps Automated Limited


Natalie has been described as ‘inspiring’, ‘authentic’ and ‘fearless’, and after setting up her first company at 18 we can certainly agree. She founded RevOps during lockdown, seizing the opportunity to fulfill her ambition of building a company focusing on finding transformational technology data solutions to provide better processes and systems to allow people to work to deliver outstanding digital innovations. It was a lofty ambition.

Now established as one of the UK’s top RevOps technology specialists, Natalie’s consultancy continues to thrive, specialising in helping businesses to transform their technology and leverage their data to drive scale, operational efficiencies and effectiveness. Her concept is unique in the marketplace - a borderless company built initially through Twitter connections, bringing together talent from across the world with a shared goal. She finds the people first and then develops the role to fit their skillsets. And it’s paying dividends - the business went from zero to £315,000 in its first year and is on target to achieve 100% year on year revenue growth this year. Natalie has dyslexia and spent years on the periphery of things, a feeling that she describes as ‘not quite fitting in’. So, she uses her experience to advocate for and uplift others. Her mantra is ‘progress over perfection’ and to let people make mistakes and learn from them. Her leadership is inclusive, empathetic and fearless and she has created a truly global company from the seeds of an idea that she felt compelled to act upon.