Nic McCarthy


Global Head of Creative Excellence

Media agencies are often caricatured as creative backwaters, home to eye-watering spreadsheets and bad laptops; real creativity considered the domain of ad agencies. But in a platform era where more of the best work is not on TV – is earned and not paid-for – a new Media Creativity is emerging. It’s not an alternative to classic creativity, it’s complementary. It requires intimate knowledge of platforms that can only be acquired by spending large sums of money in them, measuring them, partnering with them. In the past 12 months Nic has led a global mission to ignite Media Creativity and make Wavemaker work for clients more imaginative, distinctive and above all effective. Along with Global Strategy and Applied Innovation leaders, she has nurtured a unique brand of creativity based on a Media perspective, practises and partnerships. Highlights include: 1. Our first-ever global Media Creativity Community. A vibrant, warm creative community for all 70 of our markets and a welcoming place to share our work and cultures, learn from fantastic guest speakers and get to know one another. 2. Wavemaker All Stars Nic puts together teams of Wavemaker talent from a mix of markets to answer VIP client and pitch briefs, with an eclectic (and electric) mix of creative, strategy, innovation, data and media talent. Tiffany and Colgate are just two All Star clients. 3. A new record for award-winning work Nic has led the agency to its highest-ever position in the WARC Media 100 this year