Nikky Hudson

Nano Interactive

Head of Product – Data & Programmatic Services

Nikky's contributions to technology are undeniable. Her strategic vision propelled Nano to new heights, but her true impact goes beyond financial results. She's a driving force for innovation, leading the charge on solutions that address critical challenges in the tech world.

Her groundbreaking work includes Intent Personas, the first targeting solution that respects user privacy, and continuous upgrades to Nano's LIIFT technology that analyzes live data and sentiment to unlock deep brand insights. These innovations are game-changers in digital marketing, and Nikky's creativity extends to solving complex issues like programmatic, attention metrics, and the ever-evolving cookie landscape.

But Nikky's impact extends far beyond technology. She champions the human element, advocating for smart utilization of technology alongside continuous education. She generously shares her personal experiences as a cancer survivor to raise awareness and advocate for inclusive workplace policies that eliminate health-related barriers for women.

In a male-dominated industry, Nikky stands out as a role model, paving the way for a female revolution with her authenticity and unwavering resolve.