Olya Dyachuk


Olya Dyachuk’s dynamic leadership and actions embody the spirit of this award. With a clear vision, high energy, and empathy she has created an outstanding team - Data Driven Media (DDM) - who share in a mission: to use media as a lever of growth and a force for positive change within Heineken and beyond.

Olya arrived as Heineken UK’s Data Driven Media Director in August 2021 and took on a significant challenge: reinvigorate an in-house media team disconnected from the wider business and deliver Heineken’s new corporate growth strategy – ‘Evergreen’. Olya acted fast and became a beacon of positive change; a uniting force focused on collaboration and teamwork, to transform her people into an effective and positive team the business can turn to for results. Through a series of behavioural sessions and workshops with partner agencies and Heineken colleagues, the new DDM vision and 3-yer plan were built. Olya then worked with UK and global leadership, media and agency partners, to shift “the Heineken mindset” around the role of media, digital, and social responsibility in marketing. In 12 months, the plan has delivered far reaching change internally and externally, from media becoming valued as an engine of growth (+50% YoY media £), to improved business performance (x3-5 higher ROI), and Heineken UK becoming known for using marketing to highlight Sustainability, Inclusivity and Diversity issues. Olya is just getting started. With a dedicated team behind her she will continue to improve the business and contribute to positive societal change.