Paige Coulthurst

Soap Media

Operations Director

Paige is a rising star who exemplifies leadership, initiative, and dedication. After graduating with a degree in Management and Information Technology, Paige dove headfirst into gaining experience in digital marketing and UX design. She quickly expanded her skills in web design, project management, and operations. Her drive to continuously upskill makes her an invaluable asset.

At Soap Media, Paige managed complex technology projects end-to-end utilising her breadth of digital skills. When the Operations Director left, Paige took on their responsibilities seamlessly while still excelling at her own role. Her outstanding performance managing operations led to a well-deserved promotion to Operations Director after less than a year at the agency. In this new position, Paige has spearheaded transformative changes in Soap's operations. She has implemented efficient processes, boosted team morale, secured new business, and strengthened client relationships. Paige's keen leadership abilities, technical expertise, and passion for her work have been instrumental to Soap's growth. At just this early stage in her career, Paige has already accomplished so much and made a significant impact. Her dedication, natural leadership talents, and ability to master new skills clearly showcase her as a rising star. Paige more than deserves this award for her invaluable contributions and the boundless potential she has yet to achieve.