Raquel Bubar

The New York Times, Advertising Department

Managing Director, T Brand Studio International

Building affinity for The New York Times internationally isn’t just a sales exercise, it’s a creative responsibility. Raquel has led NYT’s international push into global creative partnerships and built its reputation for high-quality branded content around the world. The team has achieved recognition for its innovative campaigns with UBS, Philips, Unilever and Cartier in the UK, Europe and APAC.

This year, Raquel’s creative team was tasked with telling a meaningful brand story for Birkenstock. The award-winning “Ugly for A Reason” campaign allowed Birkenstock to transcend positioning as a fashion brand, demonstrating how their shoes are designed for a higher purpose: complementing human anatomy and benefiting foot health. The campaign reached 140+ million people, was honored at the Muse Creative Awards, won at the Digiday Media and Drum Awards and shepherded in a new mission statement for Birkenstock, who recently went public. In collaboration with CREA, a feminist human rights organization, Raquel’s team built a powerful content-led campaign to educate readers on misinformation and misrepresentation of people with disabilities, specifically when it comes to sexuality and consent. The team created a dynamic global campaign that a third of NYT readers spent up to three minutes reading, exceeding the publication’s benchmarks. Raquel is known across the industry as an inspiring, enthusiastic, positive and caring leader of a multicultural team, with a commitment to building a collaborative and spirited atmosphere. She pioneered creative for NYT’s advertising department internationally and has created a powerful opportunity for global brands to engage with robust audiences.