Rebecca Sykes

The Brandtech Group


Rebecca (Bekki) Sykes is one of the leading global voices in Generative AI marketing. She spearheads Gen AI at the world's #1 Gen AI marketing company, The Brandtech Group, which owns Pencil, the only Gen AI company to be powered by $1BN media spend, across 4,000 brands, since 2018.

Today, Bekki is working with many of the world’s biggest brands, who are now using the Pencil platform. She has brought them on board with calm authority and deep understanding of what major brands need from the technology, including built-in safeguards and control. In many cases, she designed a framework to help them manage Generative AI in a way that suits them. She has, moreover, driven the integration of Pencil, which the Group acquired in June 2023, across The Brandtech Group’s other companies, such as Oliver, Gravity Road and Jellyfish. She has overseen its implementation across a range of marketing disciplines with efficiency and speed, and delivered training for 7,000 employees across multiple countries. Externally, she is a leading speaker on generative AI and has spoken at numerous events, including the recent Power of AI Summit at the Barbican in London, and addressed the M50 (an organization for the world’s top CMOs) the week before OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. She has inspired people inside and outside our organization to embrace Gen AI with enthusiasm and has worked to provide a framework for them to do so safely and ethically.