Rhiannon Lewis

Tag Worldwide

Managing Partner

Rhi is a hugely inspirational female figure in the commercial film production scene. On a mission to diversify the industry, where film sets are dominated by men, Rhi wants to change the lack accessibility for those without contacts trying to break into the industry.

Rhi works with multiple companies on a variety of inclusivity initiatives, including Founders 4 Schools where she talks to students about the industry and pathways into it, and Creative Access Programme, where she mentors young women in the industry. She also works with Brixton Finishing school on their initiatives and sits on the Global Industry Board to advise them on curriculum. Both groups reach out specifically to a diverse group of students, focusing their intake campaigns on areas with lower socioeconomic backgrounds. Looking to the near future, Rhi has her sights set on opening her own apprentice academy programme at The Gate Films/Tag where students can do tailored apprenticeships and work placements, fully funded by advertisers. Rhi’s commitment to making the industry accessible, is not only for those looking to break into the commercial film world, but also for those already in it. At The Gate Films, Rhi implemented breast feeding rooms on set so that women who are still breast-feeding can come back to work without worrying about where they were going to feed or pump. This has ensured safe, accessible and comfortable rooms for them to use, and for relatives to stay in with the baby if needed, while the mother works.