Rianne Lewis

News UK

Rianne Lewis’ three-year career journey as a Software Engineer has been a hugely inspirational one, replete with stories of breaking barriers, surmounting obstacles and achieving great successes.

Rianne’s mindset is one of determination, resilience and a drive to success. She likes to call it a ‘growth mindset’ because she does not believe in setting limitations on her achievements. She demonstrated this when she did not allow the acute health challenges from her epilepsy diagnosis to prevent her from accomplishing her goals. Rianne applies her growth mindset within her work context with remarkable results. For example, her work on decommissioning News UK legacy services and decluttering the technical infrastructure has resulted in reducing costs, allowing the business to reinvest in uplifting its existing catalogue. Also, Rianne demonstrates her commitment to supporting a more agile, more competitive workplace by discovering novel ways to automate routine tasks such as reporting – leading to increased business productivity. Rianne believes in empowering others and loves to use her skills for greater social good and does so by partnering with charitable organisations to promote STEM careers to marginalised groups and demystifying technology through talks and workshops. Rianne has deservedly built her reputation as a game changer due to her tendency to go the extra mile, support others and make a positive impact. Rianne Lewis has a phenomenal story and is breaking ground in the tech industry; this is why she was included in the WeAreTechWomen’s Tech Women 100 Awards in October 2022.