Sarah Stead

Inspired Thinking Group

Head of Wellbeing

Sarah has been the Inspired Thinking Group (ITG)’s Wellbeing Director (in addition to being an essential part of our Tech team) for the last five years, and is the driving force behind our Wellbeing programme. On her watch, our Wellbeing support has gone from a series of initiatives to a brilliant, dynamic programme which is truly embedded across the company. Elements of our programme that Sarah has championed and launched include our global team of 45 Wellbeing Champions – a superstar network of colleagues who are on hand to listen, support and signpost colleagues to a range of great resources. She’s also started seven ‘Together Groups’ which bring communities together within ITG to support and inspire each other; delivered hand-on, practical support with Menopause for the Masses, ranging from courses to apps; and organised Talk Money Week spanning daily drop-in sessions with professionals, emails and useful financial info. Not only that, but Sarah also started ITG’s Volunteer Days, giving employees the chance to take a fully paid day each year to volunteer for a cause of their choice, and she’s ensured widespread awareness and adoption of our Westfield Health programme across the business. Her passion for Wellbeing doesn’t stop at work, and helping others forms a key part of her personal life too, with Sarah clocking up over 1,000 hours of experience working with the Samaritans.