Sophie Pemberton


Group Chief Strategy Officer

The Out of Home (OOH) sector is going through rapid transformational change fuelled by data proliferation and digital development. This dynamic evolution has enabled Talon to change the game and despite no previous experience in the field, I decided to take responsibility for developing our proprietary technology and lead the charge in driving our transformation.

In the last 5 years, I’ve taken 3 products to market, grown a team of 4 to a Product & Data department compromising c.18 people at Talon and 50 engineers across the world and helped to position Talon as a technology leader within the Global OOH industry. My objective is clear: to stimulate multi-market industry growth through Talon’s technology and data capabilities. Prior to joining Talon, I worked as an agency comms planner with a keen eye for OOH. As of 2023, I am Group Chief Strategy Officer – responsible for building Talon’s Global technology strategy and development roadmap across 6 markets. My agency background coupled with roles I have held at Talon provides me with a unique understanding of how the technology we develop can add tangible value for the business, our clients and our suppliers. Passionate about ensuring Talon and OOH’s growth is sustainable, I also lead Talon’s Sustainability strategy, B Corp roadmap and sit on the AdNetZero and IPA Climate Action Group committees.