Vicky Janaway

The Gate

Chief Client Officer

A voice for representation and equality, Vicky has continually championed women's voices to help future talent rise. Vicky is Chief Client Officer of The Gate, part of MSQ, the UK's fastest growing, creative, tech and media group and uses her role to support female talent across the group and is part of the DEI council. In 2023, Vicky initiated WSQ, MSQ's first global women's network and mentoring programme. Developed following insight from Deloitte and McKinsey, demonstrating that women need support at work during all stages of their lives, WSQ was created, so that women of all ages can be their true selves at work, supported by mentoring, training and development and policies, to create genuine impact for female talent. Having experienced the effects of peri-menopause, Vicky developed and launched the menopause policy, for all those with symptoms of menopause and perimenopause so they feel fully supported throughout their careers. Vicky is passionate about supporting rising talent and is a mentor for DigiDay and Bloom where she is helping young women develop their careers. Vicky supports The Media Trust, Women's Voices and Bloom. Vicky is The Gate's representative on the MSQ Client Council, and is responsible for building long-term sustainable relationships with clients, to best meet their changing needs. Vicky believes open-ness and collaboration build trust and she uses this to ensure continued representation in advertising, from crew to cast, such as the Replens Sex Never Gets Old campaign, to the recent AA campaign, praised by Cindy Gallop.