Rikke Wichmann-Bruun


A strong believer in putting people first, Rikke is an open-minded and transparent leader. Honest and to the point, she inspires those around her with her frankness and focus. With over twenty years' experience, Rikke is dedicated to building enduring client relationships while bringing the best out of those around her. Rikke has worked across a wide range of businesses, industries and sectors‚ from FMCG, to Automotive, to FS and manufacturing and has worked at Arc, AMV BBDO, Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, 360i (Dentsu) and Oliver. Therefore she has a truly integrated skillsets having touched almost every point within the consumer journey‚ from advertising to media and most things in between. Also - a proud mother of a 17 (going on 30) - year old daughter who she shares equally with her ex-husband.